Thursday, August 31, 2017

Vegas Baby....

On the way to Vegas we passed this new art exhibit that is painted limestone boulders stacked on top of each other that stand 30-50 feet high and will be on display for 2 years.  Created by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone and opened May 11, 2016.  Cost a mere 3.5 million dollars which was privately funded.
We always stop at Big Al's Oyster Bar for some fresh yummy oysters.  Then we walked around the hotel before coming back to eat some Jambalaya.  So yummy! 
While we were there we also ate at Fudruckers, Bailiwick and watched a band play and got a chocolate treat at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory thats right before you go to the elevators leading to the rooms...{pretty tricky of them to put it there}
Hitting the poker machine at the bar for some free Milagro Silver Tequilla Shots before the movie starts.  We saw Assassins Body Guard with Ryan Reynolds and Samuel Jackson.  Was a good action/comedy...We also saw Atomic Blonde with Charlene Therone, it was ok but not as good as we thought it would be...]
TG for the empty theater with the comfy reclining seats while buzzing on 3 dbl shots.  lol

We gambled the $97.00 we took up in change that we'd saved in our 5 gal. sparklettes water bottle, ate and drank but didn't win enough money to write home about.

And we try to stop at Outdoor World and the Silverton Hotel to gaze at the huge fish tank and jelly fish aquarium

And then we were on our way home, stopped at IN & OUT at the Lynwood off ramp to get some fries and lemonade...took off and the air quit working, was so hot... Started working again after we almost melted, should have seen us eating our fries and dipping in ketchup with the windows down...Too funny...

It was great getting away for just a few days, a break from life.

Friday, July 29, 2016

My Dad, Joe Smith

This is a painting that David Uhl Studio's painted for the Harley Davidson Museum that my Dad {Joe Smith/Granddaddy Joe Smith/King Rat} used to race with the suicide shift.  Done from a black/white old photo with my Dad explaining the colors.

Monday, July 25, 2016

1970-Drag racing

My Dad's drag racing career supported all of us for many years, it was his favorite job.  Lots of traveling to different places during part of school and through summer.

1st photo shows what my Mom and I wore, look at those boots.  lol

2nd photo shows me excitedly jumping in air after my Dad won the race wearing one of his racing shirts, we also wore hang ten shirts.  I usually stood on the racetrack a little behind his bike with my arms, fingers and legs crossed for luck.  He fell one time at Irwindale Drag Strip when I wasn't crossing arms, fingers and legs and as a child I thought it was my fault so from then I always crossed them.
My family in the winner's circle with Wally Parks.  Mom and I wearing our matching shirts she had made.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

White Space Challenge......Silverwood Lake

White challenge.  I have a really hard time not using all the white space.  A day we spent at Silverwood Lake.  Was such a beautiful day and we even watched the sun set.  Peaceful, lovely day.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Another New Lo, Got my mojo back

The lo's I've been posting are all 8x8's.  The photos are 4x6's that are cut down as small as I can get them.  I haven't figured out if you can make a smaller photo on the canon selphy yet.  So some photos are in your face.  LOL  Me and my two kids having selfie fun on Thanksgiving 2015.  We tend to get so busy visiting and cooking that we forget to take photos at times.

Lo of our granddaughter

Junebuggy wanted a photo of her purple tongue after she ate a grape popcicle, her favorite.