Thursday, December 31, 2015

New LO

Seems like I haven't created a traditional lo in a long time.  Heres one I did from when we took our oldest DGS to an indoor kart track for his 13th birthday.  We had so much fun and the bonus was In & Out for lunch.  LOL

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Four new traditional layouts

 Kaleb {5} & Kaiden {2}
 June {3} & Kaiden {2}
 Mike {our son} & his son {Kaiden}
Kaiden {2}
Here are the lo's I completed today.  Had so much fun creating these and I was so happy to finally get some form of mojo. TG the forum I frequent was having a crop today, love the challenges that were posted.  They are all 8x8 lo's, which is what I really prefer creating.  Much easier for little hands to look through the smaller books.  Junebuggy was looking through her book the other day and I love the size of her hands on the 8x8 albums.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

New racetrack for grandkids

We decided to turn half my green house into a play area for the grandkids.  So, we created a cement racetrack in part of it.  Almost finished with it, just a small section left to add cement to.  Originally, we were going to have it colored black like a road but the coloring you add to cement didn't do anything.  We added a whole bottle to 2 bags of cement and it looked the same as without it.  So I will paint or stain it black later since we were trying to get the track done for Easter so the kids would have a new thing to play with.  I still have to dig the sand out of the middle of the race track and add play sand there.  Already bought some medium and small dump trucks for the track/sand and a sand castle building set with the molds.  Will set hot wheels out too since I have a bucket full.  Putting up the metal oil pan for magnetic letters today.  Will be adding a 4x8 chalk board later and some other things as we get them done.
Liking how it turned out.  Will add chalk lines for now.
And I also finished the other half of the greenhouse where my veggie boxes will be sitting now.
We just combined 2 of my 6' boxes and 2 of my 4' boxes together to make them wider for planting.  Will be putting my tomato plants in grow bags so the roots can breath and the soil doesn't stay soaked.  Also have some grow boxes that I purchased 5 years ago, rectangle shaped.  Those and the tomato plants will sit on the dirt ledge that is to the right of the photo that you can't see.  I will start planting my seeds tonight.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Some new lo's

Well, I didn't get a photo of all the grandkids together.  Maybe we can get one on Easter.  Fingers crossed.

Here are a few lo's I've completed since my last post.  All the pink stuff is from a kit I won on a forum crop I frequent.  And I didn't mark down what I used on most of the stuff.  Sorry.  What I remember is:  Authentique pp, stickers, etc., doodlebug design paper frill, Tim Holtz-distress ink/distress tool, 7 Gypsies stickers, Kaisercraft pp, Theresa Collins File Folder